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People buy cosmetics to feel good

People who use cosmetics buy these products primarily for emotional reasons, according to a new study. The University of the Basque Country study was carried out on facial creams and body creams. “The study shows that both the emotional and utility aspect of cosmetic brands have a

significant impact on consumer satisfaction, but that the emotional component has a greater effect,” said Vanessa Apaolaza, lead author of the study.
Some of the main positive emotions aroused by beauty products include “the sensation of well-being gained from eliminating or reducing feelings of worry and guilt, which is the factor with the greatest impact”, the author stated.
The scientists carried out personal surveys on 355 women aged between 18 and 50, who were selected in a random sample.
They were asked to evaluate various aspects of their perceptions of the functional and emotional factors of the cosmetics they used, as well as their degree of satisfaction with them.
The results showed that “consumer satisfaction is greatest when the cosmetics brand helps to strengthen positive emotions through the perception of ‘caring for oneself’ and removing feelings of worry and guilt about not taking care of one’s appearance,” said Apaolaza.

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